The concept of the Musician Portrait Project is to present moving portraits of different musicians.  Imagine a gallery with walls of video screens featuring two minute videos on a loop.  All black and white.  No sound.  As of right now, Musician Portrait Project is in negotiations with several galleries in Brooklyn, NYC, and Philadelphia, PA.  Eventually the project is looking to be exhibited in galleries around major cities in the U.S.

Every Wednesday a new video will debut independently on this site.  New artists are constantly being added to the project.

Derek Brad is the visual creator behind Musician Portrait Project and an acclaimed music photographer from the metroplitan Philadelphia area.  The idea of portraying artists in this unique way came to him when he was photographing musician portraits under strict time constraints.  After trying out the concept by himself, he concluded that a two minute video, shot in black and white, without any sound, would create the best visual experience.  After over two years of shooting for the project, Derek began sharing Musician Portrait Project online March 2014.